Manifesto by Tayla Martin

I am Tayla Martin, a young regional artist who grew up in the small rural community of Nyngan, situated in regional New South Wales. Growing up in a remote community has influenced the work I create today, and will continue to produce in the future. My role as a creative practitioner is to both produce work and share my photographic practice while advocating the growth of arts within regional NSW.

“My local community has sustained me, grounded me, providing aesthetic inspiration, a sanctuary for reflection.”[1] My practice is summarised in this statement.

Arts within regional areas need to be addressed with a focus on decentralisation. Most importantly, success and status needs not to be measured by ones location. Arts director Lindy Hume, discusses how “more flow and greater integration between the regional and metropolitan arts ecosystems could, over time, reshape Australia’s cultural identity.” [2]

Hume’s idea stems from decentralisation, a focus on breaking down major arts centres within metropolitan areas to disperse centres across regional areas that ensure equal opportunities for both regional artists and communities. The ‘Murray Art Museum Albury’ (MAMA) is a prime example of decentralisation occurring within NSW, given MAMA is a well-recognised regional gallery.

I, as many young artists studying had initial intentions that following University, I would move to a larger metropolitan area due to the constant reassurance that ‘this is where the jobs are’. However, my studies have altered those perspectives, principles and understandings of what really constitutes a regional artist.

As a young practitioner, I am adamant that regional Australia provides far greater career opportunities for emerging artists in comparison to those offered in metropolitan areas. The NSW Young Regional Arts Scholarship is a prime example of the opportunities on offer in regional locations. I will continue to advocate regional arts and break down the social barriers associated with ‘decentralisation’ to ensure a far more prosperous future for arts within regional NSW.


[1]Hume, Lindy. (2016) Restless Giant: changing cultural values in regional Australia.  Platform paper 50: Quarterly essays from Currency House Inc.

[2]Hume. (2016) Restless Giant: changing cultural values in regional Australia